Dumler & Breiden

Peter Dumler & Albert Breiden founded their Dumler & Breiden ceramics company in 1883 in Hohr-Grenzhausen, the center of many German ceramics producers. At first they made beer steins, cups and bowls, but their real claim to fame came during the 1950’s and ‘60’s when they produced vases and dishes renowned for their high quality. Only the most perfect ceramics, some of which even included bits of copper in the glaze, were permitted to leave the factory. In 1992 D&B closed its doors for good.

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  • Dumler & Breiden 128-15
    Dumler & Breiden 128-15

    Striking quality vase, beautifully glazed with a space-age, Modernist pattern. The body is encircled in rusty brown and brown glazes in a repeating pattern, resting on a rough white glaze. Even the interior has been colored in a…

    € 30,00
  • Dumler & Breiden 310-15
    Dumler & Breiden 310-15

    Striking little handled jug with a sgraffito pattern colored in beige, brown, green and mustard. Excellent condition. 15 cms. Sets possible. D585

    € 25,00
  • Dumler & Breiden 481-18
    Dumler & Breiden 481-18

    Royal blue, orange, yellow and green glazed, this striking vase begs to be noticed. A true eye-catcher and in excellent condition. C940

    € 45,00
  • Dumler & Breiden 146
    Dumler & Breiden 146

    Pretty little ball vase with a geometric pattern at the base. With its original sticker, the vase is in excellent vintage condition. C198

    € 17,50
  • Dumler & Breiden 18-12 cms
    Dumler & Breiden 18-12 cms

    In varying shades of yellow and rust, this quality D& B vase has a molded pattern and is well marked at the base. 12 cms. Excellent condition. D962

    € 17,50
  • Dumler & Breiden 305-21
    Dumler & Breiden 305-21

    Well formed, ribbled, handled vase based in rusty brown and topped in green. Excellent condition. C115

    € 25,00
  • Dumler & Breiden 1245-18
    Dumler & Breiden 1245-18

    Elegant, gold trimmed, 2-handled vase , most likely produced by D & B in the 30's, 18 cms, in excellent vintage condition. C791

    € 25,00
  • Dumler & Breiden 1002-17
    Dumler & Breiden 1002-17

    Magnificent example of fatlava at its best, this handled vase with burnt orange medallions encased in thick black and brown lava, is a decorators dream. Produced in the 1960's and in excellent condition. C792

    € 32,50
  • Dumler & Breiden 1006-30
    Dumler & Breiden 1006-30

    Impressive handled vase , thickly coated in fatlava with varying shades of beige and brown, picture framing bright green eyes around the middle section. 30 cms. Excellent condition. C819

    € 70,00
  • Dumler & Breiden 15-25
    Dumler & Breiden 15-25

    Unique vase covered all over in a mixed fatlava glaze of blues and greens. Original sticker. Base marked 15-25. Excellent condition. C694

    € 45,00
  • Dumler & Breiden 305-21
    Dumler & Breiden 305-21

    Reflecting all the colors of the sea on a summer's day, this lovely handled vase is in excellent condition. C698

    € 30,00
  • Dumler & Breiden 375-18
    Dumler & Breiden 375-18

    Modernist, mid-century shabby chic model in a brown -beige mottled glaze with its original sticker. Base mark 375-18 - from the 1980's. Excellent condition. Can be paired with other colors in this series to make sets. C693/C890

    € 18,00
  • Dumler & Breiden 388-16
    Dumler & Breiden 388-16

    Magnificent ball vase, handled, with a wonderful design in burnt orange and green. Possibly a design by Halidan Kutlu. Excellent vintage condition. C659

    € 35,00
  • Dumler & Breiden 173-21
    Dumler & Breiden 173-21

    Charming vase in mottled beige, at the middle ringed in brown, green and orange, typical of its period and in excellent vintage condition. C129

    € 22,50
  • Dumler & Breiden 487-36
    Dumler & Breiden 487-36

    Large "shabby chic"vase in mixed shades of brown, gold and beige. Good vintage condition. C75

    € 35,00
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