In the late ‘80’s, Knodgen was born in Ramsbach-Baumbach after the demise of the Ilkra factory with the purpose of producing studio ceramics as well as several pieces taken over from Ilkra. It has proved difficult to ascertain which pieces were actually made by Ilkra and renamed Knodgen, or were produced by Knodgen in Ilkra molds, or, in fact, came originally from Clemens & Huhn.

  • Knodgen 2450-30
    Knodgen 2450-30

    Substantial and heavily molded jug depicting the potter at work. The dull glaze is in varying shades of mustard yellow and brown. Excellent condition. 30 cms. Smaller vases with the same pattern are also available for sets. D985…

    € 35,00
  • Knodgen 1550-15
    Knodgen 1550-15

    Stoneware vase in mottled blue with a floral decor in red, brown and green. Excellent condition. C633

    € 8,00
  • Knodgen 2555-22
    Knodgen 2555-22

    Pretty stoneware handled jug in mottled blue decorated in a floral pattern of red and brown. Excellent condition. C312

    € 12,00
  • Knodgen 125-19
    Knodgen 125-19

    Footed vase, most likely Knodgen, in imitation stoneware. 19 cms. A decor of red and blue flowers has been applied to a glossy gray base. Excellent condition. D395

    € 8,50
  • Knodgen Overglazed
    Knodgen Overglazed

    Attractive , well marked, stoneware jug in mottled blue with a strong bright glaze of royal blue and brown denoting grapes on the vine Excellent condition. 15 cms. D536

    € 17,50
  • Knodgen 1551-15
    Knodgen 1551-15

    Salt-glazed ball-shaped vase colored in pale blue with a floral design in brown and bright blue. A lovely little vase in excellent condition. D323

    € 17,50
  • Knodgen 1430-30
    Knodgen 1430-30

    Attractive saltglazed vase with a floral decor in royal blue and brown. Excellent condition. Probably from the 50's - the number is difficult to decipher. E319

    € 30,00

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