Scheurich is one of the few factories still surviving and turning out quality ceramics. In 1928 the company was founded by Alois Scheurich and a relative Fridolin Greulich in Schneeberg near Amorbach and moved 10 years later to Kleinheubach, just south of Frankfurt. In 1954 Scheurich stopped with the production of household ceramics and began to concentrate on vases and flowerpots among other, more decorative ceramics. By keeping prices low and constantly changing colors to meet an altering public taste, Scheurich thrived. Although they often used the same molds, the designs were changed on a regular basis. For the collector, sport is to acquire as many colors and patterns possible from the same mold. The larger floor vases still remain in the higher priced category as from many of them produced between 1950 and 1980 there were never more than 500 made. Best designers were o.a. Heinz Siery and A. Seidel. Oswald Kleudgen was their most important designer for glazes. The company still enjoys international fame.

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  • Scheurich 200-28
    Scheurich 200-28

    One of Scheurich's most spectacular patterns in red, white and black fatlava, applied to a number of forms. We are able to provide this pattern in several of these forms or as singles. This vase is in excellent condition D12

    € 60,00
  • Scheurich 200-28
    Scheurich 200-28

    Vibrantly glazed fatlava from the 1960's, 28cms, in excellent condition. Also available with its twin. C743D102 as well as in other colors. C315 D110

    € 40,00
  • Scheurich 201-18
    Scheurich 201-18

    Brilliantly glazed vase, 18 cms, in a much used Scheurich form, well designed in brown and mottled beige. Excellent condition. C421

    € 20,00
  • Scheurich 202-24
    Scheurich 202-24

    Simple yet elegant vase, beautifully glazed in mottled shades of beige and brown.. Can be purchased on its own, or with its twin or with a larger vase in the same series to form sets. Excellent condition. E260 D19

    € 26,00
  • Scheurich 202-30
    Scheurich 202-30

    Substantial vase from the 60's, 30 cms, with a brown rim, covered further in brown and white fatlava. Excellent condition.C480

    € 32,50
  • Scheurich 203-18
    Scheurich 203-18

    Striking vase in bright green and black stripes with a lava pattern and original Europ Keramik sticker. 18 cms. Excellent condition. C487 Other colors available

    € 15,00
  • Scheurich 203-22
    Scheurich 203-22

    From 1974, this cylinder-shaped vase is in the "Fabiola"pattern, based and topped in a brown glaze with a ring of flaming orange. 22 cms. Good vintage condition. D159 D99 D101

    € 25,00
  • Scheurich 203-26
    Scheurich 203-26

    Stricking, tall cylinder vase in brilliant blue decorated in thick black fatlava. 26 cms. Excellent condition.

    € 37,50
  • Scheurich 203-26
    Scheurich 203-26

    A striking vase from 1974, its colored top and bottom in thick black and white fatlava and belted in bright red glaze. Excellent condition.C433 Also available in other colors. C482

    € 35,00
  • Scheurich 206-26
    Scheurich 206-26

    Thickly coated in brown and white fatlava, this lovely vase is belted in bright green. 26 cms. Excellent vintage condition. C667 Also available in beige. C775 D93

    € 35,00
  • Scheurich 208-15
    Scheurich 208-15

    Pretty little vase with a glossy golden glaze in an Inca pattern. From around 1970. 15 cms. Good vintage condition. C422

    € 17,70
  • Scheurich 208-21
    Scheurich 208-21

    This lovely Scheurich has been glazed in the Fabiola decor in brillant black, gold, green and white. 21 cms. Excellent condition. C664. Also available in other colors C483 D26

    € 25,00
  • Scheurich 209-18
    Scheurich 209-18

    Beautifully glazed vase, 18cms, wide at the base then tapering to a rolled top where the glaze begins with black into green into a flame of rust and orange. Smallest of fleabites at the base, otherwise good vintage condition.…

    € 20,00
  • Scheurich 210-18
    Scheurich 210-18

    One of the most desirable patterns in our Scheurich collection - with thick fatlava over a brilliant red and white glaze. Sets are possible (ask us) in various sizes. Excellent condition. D60 D24 D32

    € 25,00
  • Scheurich 209-18
    Scheurich 209-18

    Striking vase, 18 cms., in a brown and white lava pattern, belted in glossy bright red. Good vintage condition. Same factory number as other Scheurich's of a different model.D177 also in a mottled beige over ivory D192

    € 25,00
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