Roth keramik

Some of the best known ceramics and those most desired by collectors came from the Roth factory - 'Roth keramik'. The company was founded in the early ‘70’s in Ebernhahn by Edmond Roth and is still in production but now only for kitchen and bathroom ceramics. Some of the most famous Roth patterns – including those with spectacular amounts and shapes in fatlava, command premium prices. Dorothea Roth was one of its principal designers.

  • Roth nr3048
    Roth nr3048

    Pretty little handled vase in many shades of green in a matt glaze. Good vintage condition. C420

    € 15,00
  • Roth nr3069
    Roth nr3069

    Only 13 cms. tall, this wonderful mid-century Modernist vase makes its presence known. In beige and gold, trimmed in black fat-lava, its coloration blends well with other vases in our collection to make sets (ask us). Excellent…

    € 15,00
  • Roth Nr4300
    Roth Nr4300

    Magnificent handled jug with a shiny red glaze, heavily covered in black fatlava. Lovely as a set with other Roth vases C654 C205

    € 35,00
  • Roth Nr3050
    Roth Nr3050

    From the 1980's, this attractive handled vase has a base of shiny mottled beige, decorated in a leaf pattern in rusty brown. Excellent condition. C490

    € 25,00
  • Roth Nr 4110
    Roth Nr 4110

    Beautifully formed vase with the same brilliant coloration and decoration as C205 and c654 - bright red glaze covered in black fatlava. Combinations are possible (ask us). Wonderful condition. C853

    € 65,00
  • Roth 0012-1
    Roth 0012-1

    Lovely flowerpot with a bright red glaze decorated in heavy black fatlava. 12 cms. Excellent condition. Great on its own or with others of this series to make sets. C854.

    € 17,50
  • Roth Nr3045
    Roth Nr3045

    Beautiful handled vase from the 1980's decorated with cranes in a jungle environment. Highly decorative and in excellent condition. 27 cms. D774

    € 55,00
  • Roth Unreadable
    Roth Unreadable

    Glazing and fatlava at its best, this tall, handled vase is in bright orange covered at the top in thick, black fatlava The base number has been glazed over. 28 cms. Excellent condition. D642

    € 58,00
  • Roth 0012-1
    Roth 0012-1

    Chic plant pot, marked 12/2, in brown with a white decor in fatlava. 10 cms. Good vintage condition.

    € 15,00
  • Roth 0014-2
    Roth 0014-2

    Attractive plant pot marked 14/2, 12.5 cms, with a shiney white glaze over a duff brown base. Used but still usable.

    € 15,00

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