Bay pottery

Bay pottery (Bay Keramik) was founded by Eduard Bay in Ransbach-Baumbach in 1933 and was one of the most successful ceramics factories in West Germany. Their most famous designers were A. Seide and Bodo Mans. Today Bay ceramics, which range in design from the highly bizarre to extreme Modernism, are highly popular with interior designers and collectors alike. The factory, no longer able to continue with their costly production process, ceased to exist in 1997.

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  • Bay 66-25
    Bay 66-25

    Beautiful retro Bay vase, ball shaped and glazed as if it were a salt glaze, in pale blue with a Modernist floral design in bright blue and brown. Excellent condition. 25 cms. D322

    € 34,00
  • Bay 93-25
    Bay 93-25

    Striking handled vase from designer Bodo Mans in a molded geometrical pattern in glossy shades of green, torquoise and blue. 25 cms. In excellent condition but for the tiniest bit of scraped glaze at the very base. D390

    € 35,00
  • Bay 740-18
    Bay 740-18

    Perfectly formed little Bay vase in gray and white. Available alone or with its twin. Excellent condition. 18 cms. D404

    € 15,00
  • Bay 92-25
    Bay 92-25

    Attractive vase with a molded repeating geometrical pattern in bright green and mustard yellow. A partial original sticker remains. 25 cms. Sets possible with other Bay vases with the same coloration. Good vintage condition. D411

    € 25,00
  • Bay 914-25
    Bay 914-25

    Unusual Bay vase in molded shades of olive and light green with a repeating bow tie pattern 25 cms. Excellent condition. D174

    € 25,00
  • Bay 534-27
    Bay 534-27

    This lovely classical vase from the 50's has been beautifully glazed in brown with bright accents of yellow, green and orange and then rimmed at top and bottom in gold. The remains of a sticker suggest that this vase was designed…

    € 30,00
  • Bay 750-25
    Bay 750-25

    Elegant vase in a mottled pattern starting at the base in blue/white going into pink/white and topping with white on white. Original sticker, Sets possible. 25 cms. Excellent condition.D651

    € 30,00
  • Bay 630-17
    Bay 630-17

    Wonderful ball-shaped vase with an elongated neck, belted in the brightest possible green glaze encircled in torquoise fatlava, based and topped in a rough glaze of beige and brown. 17 cms tall. Excellent condition. D905

    € 27,50
  • Bay 226-25
    Bay 226-25

    Stylish Bay vase from the 60's with its original sticker- handled and in brown , decorated in dark brown at the center. Excellent condition despite tiny factory fault at the base. D44

    € 25,00
  • Bay 631-30
    Bay 631-30

    Wonderful, large handled vase, molded ribbing at the top and base with, at the middle a fabulous display of color trimmed in fatlava. 30 cms. Excellent condition. D111

    € 35,00
  • Bay 548-30
    Bay 548-30

    Tall, classical Bay vase, elegantly formed over 30 cms and executed in a dull glaze of greens and browns. Excellent condition. D118

    € 35,00
  • Bay 750-17
    Bay 750-17

    Simple vase of excellent quality in bluish-purple with its original sticker. 17 cms. In excellent condition. Similar vases available for sets. D429

    € 20,00
  • Bay 750-20
    Bay 750-20

    Pretty Bay vase in mottled shades of pastel blue and pink. In excellent condition with its original sticker. Can be combined with others of this shape, form and color from Bay to form sets. Ask us. 20 cms. D437

    € 22,50
  • Bay 92-14
    Bay 92-14

    Small but striking this 14cms vase, most likely a Bodo Mans design, is in a molded geometrical pattern topped in a gold glaze with the rest in green. The exterior of the vase is in excellent condition. Inside the rim is a small…

    € 5,00
  • Bay 77-30
    Bay 77-30

    Attractive jug-style vase with its original sticker, glazed in gold and brown over a molded pattern.This substantial vase, 30 cms, is available with the same glazing and pattern, in various forms to make sets. (ask us) Excellent…

    € 55,00
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