Scheurich is one of the few factories still surviving and turning out quality ceramics. In 1928 the company was founded by Alois Scheurich and a relative Fridolin Greulich in Schneeberg near Amorbach and moved 10 years later to Kleinheubach, just south of Frankfurt. In 1954 Scheurich stopped with the production of household ceramics and began to concentrate on vases and flowerpots among other, more decorative ceramics. By keeping prices low and constantly changing colors to meet an altering public taste, Scheurich thrived. Although they often used the same molds, the designs were changed on a regular basis. For the collector, sport is to acquire as many colors and patterns possible from the same mold. The larger floor vases still remain in the higher priced category as from many of them produced between 1950 and 1980 there were never more than 500 made. Best designers were o.a. Heinz Siery and A. Seidel. Oswald Kleudgen was their most important designer for glazes. The company still enjoys international fame.

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  • Scheurich 285-15
    Scheurich 285-15

    Making a statement in the Amsterdam pattern, or onion pattern, this 15 cm. vase is in excellent vintage condition and comes in various sizes and colors. C301 C491

    € 20,00
  • Scheurich 285-30
    Scheurich 285-30

    Beautifully molded vase in the Amsterdam pattern. The decor is from Kleudgen and was made in the 50's, here in a greyish taupe color. Excellent condition. C473 C777 C778 D147

    € 35,00
  • Scheurich 284-19
    Scheurich 284-19

    Wonderful ball-shaped vase with gleaming orange and red glazing inbetween chunky black, brown and white fatlava. One of Scheurich's best and in excellent condition. D306

    € 38,00
  • Scheurich 282-16
    Scheurich 282-16

    Rectanglar vase in the Jura pattern, brightly glazed in varying shades of gold - interesting to see how the vase escaped the factory with the glaze covering a sizable fault in the baking process. Definitely a collector's piece.…

    € 10,00
  • Scheurich 287-18
    Scheurich 287-18

    Bizarre shapes and glazes from the flower power period, this vase comes in various glazes and sizes.Here the molded pattern displays a mixture of bright yellow, white, tan and brown. Condition is excellent. Sets are possible. E259…

    € 27,50
  • Scheurich 288-15
    Scheurich 288-15

    Bright red glaze in the Koralle pattern, this attractive little vase is in excellent condition. 15 cms. E314 D190

    € 20,00
  • Scheurich 287-22
    Scheurich 287-22

    Flower power inspired the molded decor on this substantial attractive vase with a molded rose decor. In ivory with a rusty colored trim, the condition of this vase is excellent. 22 cms. D521

    € 25,00
  • Scheurich 288-18
    Scheurich 288-18

    Charming taupe/brown vase in the "koralle"or (coral) decor in excellent condition C744 D100 D181

    € 22,50
  • Scheurich 288-30
    Scheurich 288-30

    Wonderful tall vase in a duff mustard yellow molded in the " Koralle "pattern. Original sticker. Excellent condition. D94

    € 38,00
  • Scheurich 289-15
    Scheurich 289-15

    In a repeating molded floral pattern, this vase, 15 cms, is in a green and gold glaze and can be easily matched with others in this series. Excellent condition. D779 C685

    € 20,00
  • Scheurich 289-18
    Scheurich 289-18

    Well molded and glazed vase in floral and geometrical shapes - this one in brown and gold - Excellent condition. Possibilities for sets in this 289 series in various sizes and colors (ask us) C429 C113 D31

    € 24,00
  • Scheurich 289-27
    Scheurich 289-27

    In dark green and gold, this vase is the bigger brother of c113 and can also form part of a set or be sold individually. Excellent condition. C114

    € 35,00
  • Scheurich 290-27
    Scheurich 290-27

    With its "space age"form and unusual modernist design hand applied in fatlava, this excellent vase cannot help but be noticed. Condition A-1 Set available with D932. Others in this form available C94

    € 38,00
  • Scheurich 291-28
    Scheurich 291-28

    Substantial vase based and topped in a brown glaze widening to ringed fatlava in beige and mottled white. Excellent vintage condition. Larger version available to form a set (ask us). D880

    € 22,50
  • Scheurich 292-15/16
    Scheurich 292-15/16

    This so-called pumpkin-shaped vase is available in many colors and sizes. This one is topped and based in a dull glaze of dark brown with the ribbled part in bright red belted in black fatlava 15 cms. Excellent condition. D514…

    € 27,50
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